SADA featured on Absolutely Alabama

This Friday, May 24th the program Absolutely Alabama will have a segment on the 40th annual festival at Tannehill State park. The program airs on Fox (6 in Birmimingham at 10:35 p.m), but might air at other times in other programming areas.


I would like to thank everyone for the great attitude with all the changes at the 40th (and probably coldest) SADA festival.  With all the moves due to rain and cold weather everyone still was enthusiastic and there were few complaints about the confusion due to the changes.  We were blessed to receive the Event center from Tannehill to have the Saturday morning performances, slow jam and vendors inside as it was too cold to have the events outside.     Although the weather was much cooler than usual for the Open Stage performances, it was sunny and we had a great turnout.  We hope everyone has a safe trip home and stays healthy throughout the year and can come back next year (Mark your calendars for Saturday May 3rd).  This is a great festival not because of SADA, but because of all the wonderful people that come from all over to make it so enjoyable and we thank you all.