Mary Z. Cox class & House concert, latest newsletter

Mary Z Cox will be giving a House concert on August 4th and a “Stretching with the dulcimer” class on August 5th. Reservations required for both. Details are in our latest newsletter, which can be found under the Newsletter listing but also linked here:

2017 SADA July-September Newsletter


T-Shirts for the 2017 SADA festival at Tannehill State park

Dulcimer Shirt for 2017 SADA Festival (prices include tax)

Sweet Melodies & Accessories

(205) 515-5089

A printable version of this form is here: Dulcimer Shirt for 2017 SADA Festival

Shirts are only available by pre-order by April 15th, there will be no extra shirts at the festival this year.


Shirts are all 50/50 cotton blend


Short sleeve T’s in sizes S-XL are $15.00

Short Sleeve T’s in sizes 2X – 4X are $17.00


Long Sleeve T’s in sizes S-XL are $17.00

Long Sleeve T in size 2X or 3X is $19.00

T-shirts for the festival are only available via pre order by April 15th.

To order shirts, please contact Sweet Melodies prior to April 15th by e-mail or phone listed above  and provide the following:

Type of shirt: short or long sleeve

Size of shirt, your name, e-mail and cell phone number


Shirts must be picked up at the SADA festival at Tannehill State park between Thursday May  4th – Saturday May 6th.

November 2016 meeting

Due to a conflict at the church, the November meeting has been moved back to the first Saturday of the month, which will be on November 5th, 2016. We will meet at 11:00 am to jam, have the meeting at noon with pot luck afterward, then more jamming  (or working on tunes for upcoming programs).  Bethlehem Methodist Church at the corner of Allison Bonnet and Tin Mill Drive in Hueytown.

43 rd annual festival notes

Our 43rd annual festival has come and gone, and it was another year with awesome weather.  We were able to use the schoolhouse for jams every night, which was nice since it rained on Monday and Tuesday and was too cold to play outside at night the rest of the week.  Due to that unfortunately there were no Kiwanis Pavilion jams, which is sad since the sound of the music floating through the park is heavenly.

Everyone was most helpful in pitching in to help and we appreciate everyone’s efforts since it wouldn’t be a great festival without all of the wonderful people that come.

There are many pictures posted on our facebook  page (look up Southern Appalachian and you should be able to find our log0), and several people have posted You Tube videos, and the links to the ones we have found are listed below:

David Bennet has done another awesome video of the park and some of the festival and we appreciate his work in doing this:

Lee Edmiston has posted a video of the entire Southern Strings Gazebo program from Friday May 6th:

Ron Zuckerman has posted his songs: Early Winter Morning:  and Watermelon Boy: which were performed by Ron, his son Christopher, and Dawn Wilson.  Ron is an awesome composer.

Lee Edmiston has also posted videos of Bob and Rose playing Battle Cry of Freedom:,  and I’ll be Waiting on the Far side  Banks of Jordan

Paul Sykes has posted a video of Tony Vines preaching and singing at our Schoolhouse Church Service on Saturday May 8th, 2016:

Joe Knight posted a video on Facebook of Westphalia Waltz at the schoolhouse, but you might need to sign in to facebook to see it:



2016 SADA festival T-shirts

T-shirts will be available for the festival this year, but to guarantee a shirt it should be pre- ordered. There will also be Embroidered polo shirts and long sleeve T-shirts, but these are only available via pre order.  Shirts must be picked up at the festival.

Removed bulk of post since shirts no longer available


First meeting in January, 2016

Remember that our first meeting in January will not be on the first Saturday due to the New Years weekend, but on January 9th at 11:00 am, with lunch at noon.  We will meet at Bethlehem Methodist church in Hueytown (at the corner of Allison Bonnet and Tin Mill Road)


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and a Blessed New Year!